Alison Walden

Alison Walden


When Alison became a part of our big team, with her she brought in more than 3 decades of counseling and administrative experience, including eight years of advising and counseling experience at Boston. At the John F. Kennedy University, she’s been supervising all the on-campus counseling as a Program Adviser… …
Alison Walden grew up in the Rocky mountains state of Wyoming… A place, where there were fewer doctors per capita, than the national average. This ultimately led her to a life changing decision of enrolling to a medical school.
As soon as she obtained her medical degree with magna cum laude honors at Princeton, she began his crusade on helping people and saving their lives.
Initially a psychiatrist, Alison started practicing psychology and counseling as well, which combined gave her a unique perspective and a great expertise. Ultimately it booked her a place as the head of our counseling therapy center.

This Therapists is an Expert in:

Anxiety Therapy
Family Therapy
Depression Therapy

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